Carface Rough Animation

For the last year, I have been collecting frames of a shot of Carface from Don Bluth's "All Dogs Go To Heaven." I finally purchased the last of the animation frames at CTN Animation Expo over the weekend, and I had the giddy excitement of shooting a scene that was drawn almost thirty years ago.

In this shot, Carface has just shot his rival Charlie with a gun and he is shouting "GOT HIM!!!" If you want context, you can view the video for this sequence HERE.

All of these frames were very clearly numbered so putting together the timing was rather easy.

However, I am missing two very important extremes---frame 1 and the frame where his teeth come together. Unfortunately, there were no charts on this animation, so I can't really predict how the rest of the inbetweens and the two missing keys are supposed to work. I have seen the missing frames with my two own eyes, but I was not able to buy all of these frames at once and some other lucky person has purchased the others.

A lesson learned!

What I had was enough. I took the frames home, and shot it today. To my surprise, I realized that there are very subtle differences in the way that Carface settles at the end. It's likely that this could be a first or second pass on the shot.

Luckily for me, John Pomeroy was attending CTN. John Pomeroy is a legendary animator, and spent much of his career working for Bluth Studios. I was able to bring the scene to him and inquire if he knew who had animated it. He and a few other animators around the table suggested that this is very likely the work of Linda Miller.

I hope that one day I will find out for sure who is responsible for this rare treasure that I can study.

I absolutely need to plug the source of this purchase. A big thanks goes to Wonderful World of Animation who sold this art to me. If you are looking for animation treasures, I highly recommend them.