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Fun At Nickelodeon

And now for something completely different: life stuff!

I was down in Hollywood for an interview recently and I had time to visit one of my friends at the Nickelodeon studio in Burbank!

Nickelodeon Studios

It was my first time inside the studio, and geez, it's fance. I was always a Nicktoon kid and this place is a freaking playground.

They have an arcade room and had both Dragon's Lair & Space Ace! I've never seen a Space Ace arcade game in person before.

Dragon's Lair and Space Ace Arcade Machine

Zen & Stimpy.

...I never realized that Cat's whiskers are not in his whisker holes.

Sculpture of Catdog from Nickelodeon

I actually challenged this piece to be off model for a moment until I saw his official maquette in the next room. I can now confirm that this whisker thing is indeed, part of his design.

Knowing stuff like this is important to me.

Seeing stuff like this is also important to me.

I hope those guys are still put to good use.

I am a Stoop Kid forever. It is my dream to have a stoop that I can sit on and jeer at people.

It is also important to note that Helga is totally my inner child power animal minus the Closet Shrine.

Obviously, there's way more to Nickelodeon than a rad office with a ton of nostalgic items and characters. Everyone I met there was super fun. They were also incredibly kind and genuinely supportive in regards to me moving to LA. The art behind those desks is amazing too, and I'm so glad I got an inside glimpse of a few productions.

I bought a Nicktoons t-shirt the moment I got back to San Francisco and it makes me very happy.

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