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APE 2016

Abby Lee and Spencer Bingham at Alternative Press Expo 2016

Alternative Press Expo 2016 is over!!! I had exhibited somewhat last minute due to my buddy Spencer having a bit of extra room at his booth. Spencer was there to promote his comic HOMEBOUND. Y'all had better be reading it or I'll judge you severely.

APE 2016 was......well.....slow. I understand, however. In the last few years, they have changed locations twice, as well as management. The Expo used to take place in San Francisco, back before they tore down the Concourse to make room for more condos, because San Francisco needs more condos. Condos forever.


From what I could tell, the turnout was better than the previous year. I had not been sitting behind a booth the year before, but I'm pretty sure that the opening crowd on Saturday was at least triple the size. Sunday, however, was so slow it felt kind of sad.

It's expensive to exhibit at a table, and when you spend that sort of money and the turnout is very slim, it can feel disheartening. I want to continue to give APE a chance. If I can afford it, I may exhibit solo there next year. Maybe.

Anyway, here comes the fun stuff!

Haul from Alternative Press Expo 2016

"Fox Wedding" is one of the coolest prints I've ever seen. I picked it from Pixlotl and it's based on a myth she learned about during a study abroad trip to Japan.

The mockingbird card is a laser cut piece by Maddison Cherie. She had a TON of Pokemon pieces that she had drawn in illustrator and then Wood Burned / Laser cut (jeez, I have no idea how it works.) She was tabling next to us, and I was staring at this bird all day before I could walk over and buy it. Mockingbirds are one of my power animals, and I draw them often.

"Dream Sequence" is a trippy conceptual Zine about dreams. The colors are so florescent it about burns your eyes, which is super cool.

Rikki was the largest Graphic Novel I purchased, and I was sold on it instantly, because, well, ANIMALS DRAWN WELL, and I also love the story of Rikki Tikki Tavi. It's a modern retelling of Kipling's classic, and for an added bonus of awesome, the creators inserted the original story at the very end. I can't wait to read it cover to cover.

The adorable stickers came from Becca Hillburn, who flew all the way out from Nashville! I just love her cute little plant stickers, and I am definitely not a sticker person usually. Go check out her work! She's a crazy lady with watercolor, and I wish I had that sort of patience.

The biggest random takeaway this year was a comic trade with Matt Jacobus who is the genius behind BUMMER CORP. I literally cannot read these mini comics without splitting my sides. They are so real, and just so hilarious. I can't recommend the series enough. The artist is a national treasure. It is decided, and cannot be undone.

All and all, it was a really good time, and I'll continue to support the Expo, despite how little product I moved the whole time. That being said, I DID just about sell out of all of my Herpaderps Stickers, and sold a few Comics!

So there's something! Till next time!

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