Growing Old With The Bancrofts

This is kind of a funny story / post.

Tony Bancroft was one of the first Disney animators we had ever met.

In 2009, we went to the very first CTN Animation Expo, and Tony was sitting at a drawing table, simply being available for any Q&A while he drew the characters he had worked on during his Disney days. There were only a few students attending that very first CTN, and my crew was lucky enough to be a part of it.

We literally hung out with Tony for hours. We soaked up as much animation info as possible. And this was just one day of the Expo. As it came to a close three days later, there were jokes being made about him adopting us, and how we were his groupies.

Flash forward three years. Tony's twin brother Tom Bancroft started attending the Expo, and now HE knows us too. It's so funny. After about year four, we realized that there's definitely a Thing about the yearly Bancroft Bros photo.

We seek them out and they will jump out of their queues of thirsty students to take The Photo with us.


That's seriously crazy to me. Animators are the coolest people. And these guys were officially our first friends in the industry.

Definitely check out The Bancroft Brother's Podcast as well as Taught By A Pro. They are twin brothers who both ended up being artists, who both ended up being Disney animators, who both ended up being extremely generous and encouraging teachers, who both ended up being the nicest, nerdist-animationists around.

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