Not So Subliminal

Hand drawn comic about being assaulted by advertising.

I really wish I had enough time to make a daily comic about the mundane adventures that my husband and I have. You know you have a good thing going when every day can seriously have a comic inspired by an event from it.

I hate advertising. There is this famous clip by Bill Hicks where he suggests anyone who works in advertising or marketing to kill themselves, because they're Satan's little helpers. It may sound dramatic, but I love watching Bill Hicks rant about it.

If you live in a city, you are assaulted every single day by huge billboards and advertising campaigns. If you turn on the radio, they're blaring ads in your ears. If you click on an Amber Alert, you get bombarded by pop-up ads.

No seriously, that actually happened to me. It was disgusting.

The worst part about advertising is how it is down to such a science, most of us don't even realize we're not making our own decisions about goods and services.

So street art is illegal, but huge billboards containing never-ending subjugation of women is not. Kay.

Anyway. A long time ago, when my husband worked retail, Victoria's Secret was right next to his work. The ads were 10X larger than the entrance of the store itself. No matter where you were in space, the models would be locking eye contact with you, and hopefully making you think about sex.

They just made me more cynical.