The First Time I Animated...

When I was 8 years old I took a stab at animating for the very first time. The subject matter is "Wizzer and Jewel" from Disney's live action adaptation of "101 Dalmatians" from 1996.

Back then, there was no internet, no animation classes, and no books (at least in my area) about animation. Yet I was a sponge for learning about animation, and each time Disney featured a making-of, I would sit in front of the TV and write down notes about things that were important.

The most important thing I had learned at the point of this animation was that in film there were 24 frames in a second. I also had observed what we call "Breakdowns" and "Anticipation" without knowing the words.

I had these two blank notebooks lying around in my bedroom, and out of sheer childhood boredom and freedom, I counted how many pages were in the notebooks one time. TWENTY-FOUR!

I lost the entire weekend to this piece, but found myself inexplicably in agreement with every animator out there: Animation is extremely addictive. And at that point, I would never stop.

I really do wish I had the rest of my childhood animations.

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