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Bancroft Brothers & Don Hahn

Tony and Tom Bancroft just interviewed Don Hahn at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. It was a live recording for their podcast, "The Bancroft Brothers" and my animation buddy Kota and I were both present.

There was a huge exhibition at the museum in honor of Mel Shaw, one of Disney's greatest visual designers and story artists from the golden age of animation.

Check out the episode! There is SO much going on, and Mel Shaw was such an interesting person, and these people are just so passionate about art. Also, you can hear us laughing really hard in the audience, because let's be real: these guys are hilarious.

Lastly, we can't end without an annual Bancroft Photo! This is the first Bancroft photo we've had which isn't in Burbank. We finally got to see them in our turf, up North in San Francisco!

Jenna Calvao, Tony Bancroft, Tom Bancroft, Kota Dimeler and Abby Lee pose in front of the Walt Disney Family Museum.

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