Caricatures - Buttons or Magnet Sets

Caricatures - Buttons or Magnet Sets

These 1" buttons or magnets are a great gift or novelty item.  They are perfect for jackets, backpacks, bulletin boards, or [magnetic] dry-erase boards. 

Each button has a unique original drawing describing an emotion of the patron's choice.  You may also choose which background color(s) you want with your character.
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  • Leaving A Description For The Artist

    Provide a Note To Seller during checkout with descriptions of the following:

    • Custom Emotions : Specific emotion list
    • Custom Backgrounds : Color list & matching emotions (if applicable)
    • Reference Photo Link : Required if the person exists in real life
    • Reference Character Link : Required if it is an original character

    Warning: Commissions purchased with no description or note to seller will be automatically refunded.

Supporting my art puts me one step closer to becoming independently funded.

It also helps me secure the time and supplies needed for the cost of Freelance.

Any small support is always appreciated.

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