The Rainforest Connection

Commercial animation for the fully funded

"The Rainforest Connection" Kickstarter.

 This short expains the conflict / resolution

of the campaign.

The Hopping Fox

A little loop cycle demonstrating my personal style of animation.  

"So Good" Rough Dialogue

Found Dialogue from CTNX 2012.

 This is a total CTNX Easter Egg that references one of Glen Keane's panels.


"Cat Nab" Animatic

Animatic telling the story of the greatest heist an eight year old could ever pull off.

"Antlers" Animatic

Animatic based on the famous Aesop's Fable,

"The Stag and His Reflection."

"Duck" Rough Dialogue

Animatic / Keyframes of 

the most bizzare  dialogue I've ever recorded.  Animation is in process.