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about me

I was born an animator.  Basically, that's all that ever happened.  

When I was a kid, I started watching animated movies in slow motion, analyzing the motion between the frames.   I finished my first animation at the age of eight.

I grew up in rural USA where not many people know what animation was. The moment I could, I moved to California to chase my dreams.


The story is epic enough to turn into a comic book.  So I'm going to.


But that's all you get for now.​

I believe in the power of the line.  


I am a traditional 2-D animator.  I animate by hand, and I even prefer to kill trees and animate on paper.  Aside from that, I'm pretty environmentally friendly.  

Derpberd Animation is my freelance animation studio, based out of my home in Los Angeles.  I do commercial work for clients, and a lot of personal animation work for my own happiness.




Derpberd Animation

Due to a freakish amount of Spammers using my Contact Form lately, please enjoy the manual labor of emailing me at my Username @ the largest tech company in the Bay Area dot com.

....And if you don't know what that means, you probably don't want to work with me anyway.

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